What is this, anyway?

Seattle Steamrats was the brainchild of Befu Beeman and Shay Moore, but is powered by the greater Steampunk community of Seattle and beyond. It is intended to be a central source for tomfoolery of a steamy nature, including events, images, and discussion. Its sister source, the Seattle Steamrats Google Group, is meant to be a way to stay connected throughout the year, and plan many jovial gatherings among like-minded Steamers.

In March of 2008, the captains put their heads together and planned a meetup for Steampunks in the Northwest area, and it was a smashing success, drawing more numbers than they had even hoped for, followed by pining on the aetherweb that everyone wanted more more more! Thus these resources were born.

Want to learn more about Steampunk? There is a wealth of linkage in the links section, but to get you started, take a gander at:
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