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Here is an ongoing list of some of the great Steamy resources on the aetherweb. If you would like your page linked, contact the webmaster.

General Steampunk Info
Steampunk at Wikipedia
Steampunk FAQ on Brass Goggles
Steampunk Magazine

Steampunk Forums and Communities
The Steampunk Forum at Brass Goggles
Steamfashion at Livejournal
The Gaslamp Bazaar
Northwest Steampunk at Livejournal

Blogs and Pages of Fellow 'Punks
The Steampunk Workshop
The Steampunk Home
Abney Park - a Steampunk band

Costuming Forums and Communities
Somewhere in Time, Unlimited

Costuming Tutorials and Demos

Prop Tutorials and Demos
Airship Goggles
Steampunk Pirate Gun Mod
Modding Welding Goggles

Costume and Clothing

River Junction Trade Company
Wild West Mercantile
Blanche's Place
Gentleman's Emporium

Gallery Serpentine
Retroscope Fashions


Truly Victorian